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Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD): Resources for Family and Friends

Are you affected by a loved one’s drinking? This sheet tells you about resources to help you cope.

Man talking in a support group of five people.

Al-Anon and Alateen

Al-Anon is a self-help program. It is for adult family and friends of people with alcohol use disorder. Alcohol use disorder is commonly called alcoholism. Alateen has the same support for teenagers. These are no-cost support groups. The program is based on Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.). To find a meeting, you can contact them at:

Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACA)

This group helps people who grew up in a home with a parent or primary caregiver with alcoholism. It can help you get past harmful thoughts and behaviors that are the result of this. To find a meeting, you can contact them at:

SMART Recovery

Self-Management and Recovery (SMART) supports people and families with addiction. It does this with free programs. The programs focus on dealing with addictive thoughts and behaviors. They also focus on living a balanced life. To find resources in your area, you can contact them at:

Other resources

There are many resources to help you cope. These include:

  • Professional care facilities and providers

  • Self-help groups 

  • Referral services

You can also get the help of a professional who works with families. You may learn about ways to help a family member who refuses treatment. 

To find these and other sources of help, try the websites below:

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